Our talented pet grooming staff!

AJ Bradshaw
Co-owner, Dog & Cat Groomer

Certified through the Utah Pet Grooming Academy
6 years of pet grooming experience

AJ grew up in a pet salon, working with dogs as a bather for allowance money as a kid. He took training and became a certified Pet Groomer 6 years ago, and has focused on providing the best quality he can ever since.

AJ's miniature Poodle Zyra is always at his side, spending her days at work with "dad" in the pet salon. Look for Zyra when you come in - she loves to sit in the front chair and make friends with everyone who comes in, human or otherwise.

Xander Nelson
Co-owner, Dog Groomer

Certified through the Utah Pet Grooming Academy
5 years of pet grooming experience

Xander once desired to be a Veterinarian, but chose to care for pets in a different way. He joined the Pet Grooming business 5 years ago with a passion for animals and a desire to help them be healthier and happier.

Xander brings his miniature Schnauzer Zeke to work with him almost every day. Look for Zeke at your next visit. He rocks a mohawk and is an official member of Alexanders Security Team.

Dustin Church
Dog & Cat Groomer

Certified through the Utah Pet Grooming Academy
3 years of pet grooming experience

Dustin has always loved animals, and grew up in a family with lots of cats. Not surprisingly, the cat is his favorite animal to work with, and he enjoys grooming all breeds of dog as well. He is a skilled and patient cat groomer, with the knowledge and experience to handle the special needs of all feline breeds and temperments.

Koda is Dustin's dog, and he is a mix of a Yorki and a King Charles Cavalier. Koda also comes to work every day with Dustin and he will greet you at your next visit!

Dakota Reel
Bather / Pet Entertainer

Trained by the founder of the Utah Pet Grooming Academy, Dakota has been bathing dogs in the salon for over 2 years.

Dakota has grown up with animals all of his life, and loves being able to work with them. He takes advantage of every opportunity to sit and play with the dogs, and he often helps our groomers work on cats who are having a bad day.

Dakota's dog Anubis is very shy, and stays home most of the time. If you see a black and tan long-haired Doxi running around, it is your lucky day! Anubis has decided to bless us with his presence!!

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